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The road to fill up an ESG position can be long and challenging. Our mission is to map it, and save you some time.

Full Spectrum ESG

ESG & CSR are concepts that can be hard to grasp for new actors. Though they appear more and more on job descriptions or public tenders, they still carry some mystery with them. 

This way, one of the main benefits that comes with trusting BXT's ressources, is building clarity. 

Wether it is complex finical ESG reporting, or risk analysis performed by a civil engineer, investing in pre-qualified talents allows you to maximize gains and reduce mismatch losses. 

On the haul we bet on high precision, fast and reliable ESG recruitment system, in which our clients continually access the best talents.

Senior consultants

Nowadays, companies take the energy transition seriously. A general movement towards adaptation et innovation in ongoing. The largest groups like smaller structures get the opportunity to distinguish themselves not only by their anticipation of ESG regulations, but also by the creation of breakthrough solutions, smarter processes and long term value. 

For the greatest challenges, the greatest minds will contribute : This is where BXT becomes useful for leaders and HR departments looking to boost their business. BXT indeed has the largest ESG talent file in Europe and will grant you visibility on the market. The pre-qualification interviews we run, like the trusting relationship we maintain with our network allows us to secure talents at every step of your hiring process. 

Dedicated experts

Our experts are fully dedicated to their roles in your structure : We ensure the maximum level of stability through the mission by providing comprehensive contracts, including NDAs, flexible prior notices, and diverse legal protections.  

Our clients enjoy the possibility to access the best engineers, ESG project managers, and renewable technology experts for opportunities ranging from a few months to long term roles. We also choose to apply competitive rates below market trends. This pricing policy allows us to offer the very best services, at the best possible rates. It represent a significative advantage for all structures to work with BXT, especially when many full time employees make the choice to go freelance and improve their compensation. 

BXT will align itself to any lower pricing observed on the market for the same ressource.*

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