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  • Jean Dumarchais

BXT Consulting : the first European recruiting agency specialized in all energy transition resources.

We are very proud to be the first ever company to create an efficient plateforme to connect the best ESG talents with the most innovative clients opportunities.

This is a new era for our World economy. The regulation initiate movements that the smartest companies tend to anticipate. At BXT consulting we take part in a ever growing trend for sustainable innovations, by listing and connecting the very best talents.

“Have you ever thought the energy transition would create an unbalance between the offer of ESG qualified talents and the job openings on the market? Well, it is happening. And BXT is here to do something about it”.

Wether you are looking for a junior ESG analyst or the very top of solar engineers, BXT provides you options. We coach our candidates to make the most out of their experience and build a strong logic in their careers.

Create Relevant HR Processes

Assisted with our team, you can now make the choice of rethinking your ESG hiring process. Our experts answer your question to create the most fluid recruitment scenarios and build the strongest teams.

It is now more than ever a time for ESG visibility, innovations as well as technical breakthroughs that we BXT Consulting will contribute to provide through our network.

Join the 170+ clients that trusted us in building the future of their ESG panel by making a call to our representatives. We will commit and take the time to hear your ambitions, understand your industry and create opportunities through unique talents.

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