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Access Sustainable Talents

We provide companies with qualified ESG resources. 

They develop strategies and build innovation in an ever-changing economy. More than a ESG head-hunting company, BXT creates teams and opportunities for a bright and sustainable future.  

in 48h, or less

For every job detail received, our team commits to getting back to you with profiles answering your need, in 48h or less.  BXT combines precision and speed, every day. 

Better for the leaders better for the planet

Our ESG experts bring you unique expertise. They assist you in reaching your goals, allowing you to grow your business faster.  BXT deploys resources, helping you to comply with evolving regulations. 

Access the best ressources 

Whatever your project may be, we're able to bring you the most specialized experts. Thanks to our worldwide network, we connect you with resources ranging from junior ESG analysts to Senior engineers. 

Next Generation Expertise

We conduct a thorough screening of every consultant, engineer, and specialist, to ensure precision, and long-term collaborations, based on trust.


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Creation of the Baxter agency.

We launch our first initiative, assisting local companies in the acquisition their first ESG certification.   



First long-term CSR consultant signed

In 2018 we are able to sign our first 12 months contract with a middle-size European company. 

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